Tair Littman

An iconic and unique ring designed for vegans. “V Dot” is on a mission to connect like-minded people in the real world, inspire ecological awareness as well as the ethical aspiration to live more kindly. Each ring is personally hand-made by our designer. V Dot donates 10% of its profits to vegan nonprofits 🙂​ The bigger the community gets, the more impact it makes.

The V Dot Brand

Each ring is hand-made, crafted with absolute care and attention. First carved in wax, they are then cast into silver or gold. Therefore each ring is unique to the wearer, which gives a distinct personality within the community.

Inspired by nature and its forms, the symbol is asymmetrical and organic, like a bird flying 
towards the horizon. At the same time it recalls a superhero symbol; those who choose a planet-based, non harming lifestyle, are certainly heroes.

The dot represents a decisive approach to veganism, like a period at the end of a sentence. 
An expression of being whole and complete. Serenity.

The V. design is clean, elegant and subtle, yet at the same time it can be seen from a distance which tends to attract attention. It’s a great conversation starter regarding veganism, by naturally evoking curiosity of non-vegans.

You are now a part of something bigger. Bigger than just yourself. 
Greater than what one can achieve alone.

By wearing the V Dot symbol, you become an important part of a beautiful, growing vegan
community. You get to inspire people to become better, you get to make a positive change on this planet.

10% of the V. profits are donated to vegan organisations. Now and forever. 
The bigger the community gets, the more impact it makes.

  • Notice other vegans around you.
  • Connect with like-minded people.
  • Feel the power of a strong community.
  • Know that you’re not alone.
  • Make a positive social impact.
  • Know that your V. donated 10% of its worth to vegan associations that do good.
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The things I did in order to bring this project to life

sketched, prototyped, modelled, researched and experimented with materials.

I built an e-commerce website on WordPress and designed the website (from scratch).

Logo, storytelling, colours  scheme, packaging and printed designs.

I created a supply chain for the creating of the product. I also found and guided the experts on how to create the product.

I filled a Design patent- registration (sketches and all the legal needs).

I set up a billing system, with all the technicalities that are required.

Copy writing and micro-copy, banners, FB ads, google analytics, and more.