Tair Littman

The Morning Coffee Club

Branding, Web, Logo, Product, UX UI

About The Project

An online platform for offline professional meetings. Connecting people over coffee in the real world.
The platform is designed in a way that allows instant scheduling.

24K users, 150+ mentors, 1,800+ meetings.

My Role

My work on this project was wide and interdisciplinary. As the lead UX designer I conducted user interviews, planned and built the user journey (mentee and mentor’s) from on-boarding, filtering method, to meeting scheduling and marketing emails. I created the wireframes, mvp and final flows for a responsive, web-based platform.

I wanted to design a platform that was highly functional, easy to navigate, and branded as a trusted and exclusive network.

I built the product’s life cycle from 0 to 1: Ideation, research. mvp, prototype, mockups, wireframes, A/B testing, data-based improvements, and final design flows. I built the platform on a wordpress website.

Mobile First- Data Driven

1) 55% of our users browse the platform through a mobile device. 
2) The value proposition of the project, the product itself, is the scheduling of physical meetings. In the future, a real time location-based scheduling option will be launched as a feature.

Taking both of the above into consideration, it was clear that the mobile UI must be the first and main focus. 

Understanding Users

As part of my research I sat in on real-time meetings and got feedback from the mentors and mentees. I conducted a focus group with returning users trying to understand what drives them and what they need.

Thinking of the user is what leads me, asking myself how to create the most efficient functionality, smooth and natural experience, minimum friction, and bring them a product that’ll improve their lives.

Discovery Process and Defining the UI

It was clear to me that scrolling mentors should be fast, with a centred  CTA, and the least amount of details necessary. The goal was to let the users feel and see the scope of abundance available for them on the platform, so they understand that this is the place they call always go back to, to fulfil the need. It was a question of volume, not detail.
The amount of quality-profiles tucked together, builds trust, reinforces the brand and it thus creates conversions and returning users.
After building trust, the user can go ahead and book a meeting. If he needs more info, it’s easily available to him.

From there I started to layout the UI framework and created wireframes for the user experience.

The Result

The first version launched with great results. Many conversions (meetings booked), low bounce rate (<50%), and long avg. session duration (02:30). 
The stats kept improving and at the peak reached a 200 avg. monthly meetings.
The platform is a work in progress, there’s still work to be done to improve upon it, and the next goal in the product’s roadmap is a fully functioning mobile app.