Tair Littman


Inventor & Designer

Thinking about the well being of the dog in particular, my idea was to find a better solution for the post-operational Elizabethan cone, also known as “The cone of shame”. This medical object is used to prevent dogs from licking their wounds or removing stitches while healing from a medical procedure. The classic cone functions, but the design is poor. As I enjoy creating objects that improve the life quality of the user, as well as solving problems, I immersed myself into this challenge.

Would You Wear it?

Didn’t think so.

Using the “cone of shame” is not comfortable for the dog as well as to its owners, as the dog can’t engage in everyday basic activities, and is very dependent on its owners; when wearing it, the dog can’t eat nor drink, hear or see clearly, and he gets very clumsy and walks into furniture and walls.
Dogs suffer very much from this product and often feel that they are being punished while wearing it.

Ergodog is a post-operational device for dogs that I invented during the last semester at university. 
It’s designed to help dogs heal from surgeries instead of the Elizabethan collar.
It’s design-patented in many different countries around the world.

My solution is a new ergonomic design, close to the body, that adapts to the dog’s shape; unlike the classic cone that is an exterior object, very rigid, and alien to a living creature. It’s lightweight, very soft yet solid once put into form and has an air flow.

In November 2015, upon my B.A. graduation, I participated in the Genilem-HES competition in Geneva, Switzerland. This contest was aiming for​ young entrepreneurs who had an innovative idea that they wished to commercialise.

After 3 months and 3 different stages, I was the 1st prize winner of this prestigious competition. With over 50 other projects competing.