Tair Littman



״Now, more then ever, time is broken into ever-smaller pieces, everything is measured to the split of a second. There are clocks everywhere around us, numbers, counting, movement, a rhythm. From all of the creatures on earth, only men have awareness and knowledge of time.״ "Third year undergraduates distinguished themselves in a design workshop focusing on watches, supported by 'Piaget'." ​ The workshop was guided by Franck Touzeau, marketing director at the watch department at Piaget.

The Cosmos Watch Design

I started working by thinking about time as an entity, I thought about its meanings and presence in our universe. How do we perceive it? How is it reflected​ in our reality? My stand was that time means everything to us humans. It is change, space, nature, cycles, movement and life itself. The essence of time is essential, yet we have no control over it. There is no choice but let it happen as it is.

I was intrigued by the thought about the lack of control as well as the fundamental human nature to seek it.
Therefore I decided to design a watch that will express this concept while engaging the wearer to be an active part of this thought.
The idea was to have the power to “control” and “move” time. By touching the little curve, which is designed for a finger, the wearer can turn the dial around the case and thus position the “time” where he wishes. The fact that the part of the dial is transparent, allows a discovery of new surfaces as it moves around.

I kept in mind that time is circular, a lot like waves, and infinite; it reminded me of outer space; hence the design of the decorative disc resembles a star constellation. The gold balls signify grains of sand, which often are used to describe time. I applied these elements to the treatment of the surface, as to the function that is a circular action.

This project was the 2nd runner of the design contest in the watches category of the Piaget-HEAD award.