Since a young age I would  invent all sorts of solutions to problems I noticed. I used to practice many forms of arts; plastic art, theatre, photography, music, dance and more.

At 23 years old I began  my bachelor’s degree studies in industrial design and products in Geneva (Switzerland).
In 2015 I graduated from HEAD- Geneva university. 
This was definitely a challenging experience, that changed the course of my life. 

The funny thing is (especially looking back at it now), that when I started studying I was sure that I’m going to learn jewellery design. But to my amazement, a week after I arrived to Switzerland my classmates told me: “haven’t you heard? they’re changing the department from Jewellery Design to Industrial Design.” 
Oh yeah.

This little change impacted my whole plans, and actually my future. Nonetheless, I decided to stay at this university and see where it takes me.
With time I discovered that I actually love industrial design, Making products and things that have a practical impact, and can help others.

For example, helping dogs recover from surgeries excites me much more than making a rich man an owner of a new beautiful and sophisticated watch. My design process has a strong sense of mission and the aspiration to solve problems.

When people ask me “so, what do you do? “, my answer often leaves them confused. The fact that I’m multidisciplinary troubles them: “wow, you do many different things! “, not realising that it’s all very similar.

Combining design disciplines is something EVERY designer should master. A person who is talented must naturally be gifted in more than only one field. We usually start with one, but it’s thanks to our curiosity and aspiration to grow- that we expend our knowledge and design abilities.  In the end- it all connects. The more I learn and expand myself- richer my designs are. 

I truly believe that being active in diverse fields is what makes my work different and deeper. Every single day I use all of the knowledge that I accumulated over the years. Regardless the fact that every field is different than the other, it’s the combination that makes it unique and new. 


course of these 3 years. I have my very own manifesto about what design and its part in today’s industries. 
In a nutshell: 
Design is a creative process that leads to identify a new function, not only an aesthetic style or decoration. It pushes us to solve problems and it’s a great tool for going from an idea to a product. The iconic American designer, Charles Eames, explained it brilliantly: “Any time one or more things are consciously put together in a way that they can accomplish something better than they could have accomplished individually, this is an act of design.”

What designers choose to create affects society enormously, and therefore must help creating a better reality. 
When I think about design that way, it brings back feelings of mission, of a significant purpose, that I didn’t feel since the days of my military service, where I worked for a cause that was superior to my own personal existence. Having the possibility to influence for the better, excites me and touches me deeply.

My works are universal yet personal. I integrate my daily life experiences in my projects, along with my cultural background. However, at the same time I discuss global values that can touch everyone.
The concepts of my works are conceived quite naturally, and I especially like dealing with timeless issues, and innovate upon them. As a designer I live and create for the future, where design happen. I love the idea of heritage and often think about the legacy I want to leave after me. 

I have a rational way of thinking, and my works have an end-target. I tend to create objects/experiences that have a function and that are useful.

I’m inspired by nature, its beauty and love to work with its elements as well as its messages, which pushes me to search for the durable aspect, and create responsibly.

Let's Go Deeper

#1 The Beginning

 of Jerusalem. All summers and winters of my life were spent in Switzerland at my grandparent’s house, with a striking view of the Mont Blanc. My grandmother is a writer who dedicates her life to her work, and my grandfather was a highly influential figure to me; he represented several NGOs at the UN in Geneva. He dedicated his time to fighting for human rights and helping people in need. They both had had a passion for arts, archeology and British literature. We used to travel together around Europe, visit historic and cultural sights, go to the opera and the theatre and read Shakespeare sonnets together.

As a daughter of an artist and a businessman, I always had a combination of both worlds within me; a lot of creativity and imagination along side with a rational way of thinking and analysing different opportunities.

As a child, I was very active in arts and sports, which led me to a wonderful high-school for the arts at the age of 12. I joined the Fine Arts department and started my 6 years of studies, which were extremely meaningful to my artistic development. Along with art, I studied theatre, music, cinema, photography, and dance. I expended more my studies of literature, theatre and English. Every week the school used to take us to another cultural event: be it a film, a musical, an exhibition or a music recital; we were always well nurtured, encouraged and inspired.
This school gave me the confidence, sensitivity, and imagination in order to dare take risks and be different.
Above all, it developed my drive to constantly create.

#2 Education

 I served as a Lieutenant of operations in the ground forces headquarters, and was discharged with honors. This experience gave me very useful tools for life, as well as the desire to live the moment and do something meaningful with my life.

Therefore I decided to follow my heart and learn professional Shakespearean theatre in London. I was accepted to a short program at the “Guildhall School of Music and Drama”, in London in the summer of 2010. What I love about theatre is the collaboration with others, being able to trust, work in a team, and tell a story.

As strange as it may sound, I found that there was something in common between practicing drama and the army experience. In both experiences I learned how to communicate, how to talk to people, different kinds of people. I was shy girl, and the army forced me to approach, connect and bond easily with strangers. In addition to that, as an officer I had to be organised, attentive to details, calm in extreme situations, in order to take smart and responsible decisions and to solve problems. I was independent, productive and reliable. In both experiences I pushed my human limits and grew as an individual. Both the army and Drama school developed my diverse personal competences and naturally revealed my passion to lead and work in a team, and above all; to touch people’s lives by making them better. Be it by fulfilling my duty as a soldier, or by telling people’s important stories as an actress.

After my time in London, I went back to Israel and decided to do what I always felt was natural to me: Design. To create, innovate and influence the people around me. I was accepted to all the 3 design schools that I applied to- “Shenkar College of Engineering and Design” in Tel-Aviv, “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” in Jerusalem and “HEAD – Genève”, (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) where I chose to study for my B.A.

#3 Entrepreneurship

in Tel-Aviv. The reason I chose this school is because it is a very good place to learn jewellery techniques. In my opinion, in order to be a good designer one has to understand materials and to have the ability to work with tools. It reinforces the capacity to understand shapes in 3D, create prototypes, adapt them to a body and thus think of their functionality and bring to life new visions. It was indeed a great experience.

The third and last year of my BA was the most challenging; it was a year full of creation, at school and beyond it.
I participated at some entrepreneurial events outside of school, bringing into practice all that I’ve learnt so far. For example, “Startup Weekend Geneva” on December 2014: It was an event where one pitches an idea, builds a team and a startup in 54 hours and then presents it to the jury members. I was on the winning team and we were the First prize winners. This is where my passion for innovation started to grow.

Later on, as I started the second and final semester of my degree, I took upon myself an additional school work; I  was accepted to the prestigious course “Business Concept”: a CTI training program of the Swiss confederation at the EPFL, Lausanne. 5 hours every week, it was conducted by numerous entrepreneurs who shared their knowledge. 

After graduation, I was the 1st prize winner of a big Swiss Entrepreneurship contest, with a product that I invented on the last semester of my degree. Thereafter, I went on and established my first company, with an IP (design patent) on the product “ErgoDog”.
Since than I initiated 2 more big projects, both are with a strong social colour.

A few interviews